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Monday, up at ten and packing, loading, setting up cat and home for caregiver, deliver key and on the road about 2pm.  Took turns driving, I successfully pulled off a nap around three.  Leofwyna was not so successful when it was her turn.  While I was driving realized I'd forgotten my sunglasses.  Some frippering transpired.  The last couple hours we watched lightning in dark clouds as we drove toward them and finally before turning west we drove in under them and got pelted with a driving rain.  Once we'd turned west we drove out from under and pulled into Loveland about ten,  We keep saying we'll do better with our arrival time the next time but this wasn't it.  A nice visit with Agnes before crashing into bed... mountain time midnight.

Aug. 29th, 2016

Wednesday up at ten to head out to Weeping Water to pick up the keys for the weekend as the seneschal has booked her time pretty heavily today and can use the help.  She took the cat to the vet for shots this afternoon.  Wednesday and Thuirsday evenings I concentrated on getting Leofwyna's Choli made and trimmed.  I think it turned out great.  At the last minute we remembered she needed an aline petticoat too so I whipped that up real fast Thursday night.  Friday when Leofwyna headed out to Weeping Water for the Cattle Raids set-up I made 7.5 dozen banana muffins for Saturday morning breakfast, loaded up and drove out to Weeping Water myself at 11 pm.  I sat 'gate' from 10-2 as my contribution to the day.  Court was long but lots of well desreved awards were presented.  After feast (which I skipped myself) I headed up the kitchen clean-up.  Sigtrigg was there in his traditional position, washing dishes, pots and pans.  All in all it was a long but very satisfying day.  Sunday was site clean-up before coming home and getting the lawn mowed... in a hurry because we thought it was going to rain but turned out it didn't.  I'm totally beat and procrastinating the packing and loading for Colorado.
Monday I slept until noon after the broken sleep I'd had during the night.  I went looking for cabbage seedlings but that's something I should have done at the beginning of the month so no fall garden this year.  We had leftover fajitas for supper. Tuesday I got out the pressure cooker for two packages of pork ribs and we had pulled pork with the leftover potato salad and purple cauliflower.  Purple cauliflower is not an attractive cooked vegetable but tastes fine with eyes closed.  At the sewing table I'm still working on the sniglets although I set them aside Tuesday evening awhile to rough up a choli pattern for Leofwyna... Wednesday I'll get the real one sewn up for the coming weekend.
Sunday I mowed the entire lawn in one "swell foop" before heading out to Theron's for gaming.  At the sewing table early and late I worked on sniglets.  I was awake off and on all night with reflux... shouldn't have had that late breakfast at VI after gaming I guess.


Aug. 20th, 2016

Saturday was the third precook.  I waited and went at six to do clean-up.  Leofwyna was wiped-out having been there all afternoon.  We went to Ticos for supper.  Back at home I continued with assembling sniglets.
Thursday I pretty much loafed; well I sewed sniglets.  Leofwyna made fajitas for supper.  Friday we went up to Omaha, to Pla's for lunch then looking for tiles which we finally found exactly what we needed in a near perfect color at Restore and didn't have to spent the $300 we'd thought we'd end up doing.  Anyway, we finished the day hitting a few thrift stores and then headed home for leftovers for supper.  Oh, and after leaving the final thrift store we had a bit of an adventure when a car pulled up alongside us at a stoplight, cursing and calling us names and before pulling off in front of us displaying a revolver.  I admit to a slight increase in heartbeat.  Leofwyna said it's probably good she was struck speachless or she may have laughed at the cliche.  
Oops, I let this go nearly a week so lets see what I can remember.  There were a few tomatoes available for picking beginning with the little'uns this week, a few Early Girls and a really big and appropriately named Big Boy. I dealt with garb laundry off and on all week.  A lot of time has gone into putting sniglets together and I'm only beginning to put 'threes' together.  Thursday while Leofwyna was out I mowed half the lawn, rain rolled in and put a stop to that.  Friday afternoon we went to a movie, Jason Bourne.  The saga continues.  Back at thome I finished the lawn while Leofwyna work on weeds invading the sidewalks.  Saturday was Gwyneth's pre-cook. I went for cutting up, left to go to the library awhile, then returned to help with clean-up.  Our computer was acting up over the weekend but has settled down again.  Sunday I went again to Theron's for gaming.  Monday I grilled steaks for supper with green beans and garden potatoes   In the evening I finally got the cinnamon pickles canned... 13 pints of pickles plus one pint of cinnamon syrup.  Tuesday Leofwyna was gone for a pre-cook.  Quick storms came through; one out by Pioneer Park and one through Havelock.  Fighters thought they might have to cancel but they were spared.  After going to FoodNet I brought home one potato, one lime, strawberries, spagetti, one artichoke, one zucchini, a veggie tray, half a dozen brown eggs, cooked salmon, a jug of diet pepsi and fat free cream cheese,  I've cooked the eggs and potatoes (accumulated from FoodNet and my garden) to make potato salad.  I made a lettuce salad for my supper with strawberries, pod peas, tiny tomatoes but no salmon (it was too fishy for me).  I'm still working on that bottle of wonderful cherry vinegrette.  I sure hope I can find more of it when the bottle's empty.  Wednesday afternoon I cleared up the kitchen, made banana bread and muffins and cleared up the kitchen again before heading out for A&S-largess a little late but I won't miss out on the supper group going to Old Chicago.
Wednesday I went and bought more hangers.  I don't know where they disappear to but I wasn't able to hang everything up the last time I did laundry.  In the evening was moot and supper with the gang at China Wall.  At the sewing table today I finished the two pink strip tops for Kronberg and started putting sniglets together since the bag was full.  


Tuesday I went to Foodnet again where I picked up a hand of bananas, one tomato, one pear, purple cauliflower, a bag of green beans, one artichoke, one lime and an oatmeal cup.  I could have gotten more but it would have been more than I could conveniently used up.  Did clean up in the laundry toom, continued with sewing pink strips at the sewing table and watered the garden.  


Saturday we got up earlier than usual and headed uptown for the first of three pre-cooks.  Afterward Leofwyna dna I went to Valentino's for supper as we both had enough cooking for the day.  Sunday we spent the afternoon watching the Olympics.  I went to the Doerr's for my second game night.  Monday afternoon I mostly loafed but I did get the second cinnamon syrup boil done while I heated up supper.  Whenever I was at the sewing table these days I was putting together pink strips.  I finished the first top longer than usual, deciding to keep it for myself.


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