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Tuesday I continued to work an Ancestry.com as well as puttering around the house dealing with certain piles and sorting tasks while doing laundry.  FoodNet today offered up a squash, several red potatoes, three oranges, a box of breadsticks, and croissants. At the sewing table I finished putting eyelets in the gammura and sleaves.


Dec. 6th, 2016

Monday was sunny and somewhat warmer so Leofwyna and I got out and organized the garage for winter.  Now there's room for the camper to go under cover when we get back from Kris Kinder next week.  

Dec. 5th, 2016

Saturday while I was at the library the snow started coming down.  We got about half an inch throughout the day.  Blech!  Leofwyna made mulagatawny soup for Yule Court... garlic fumes fill the house.  Sunday we went to Yule Court in the substitute site... very close quarters but we had a nice day and a good feast.  At the sewing table the red strips are coming together in a colorful top.  


Friday after lunch and library time (working on Ancestry.com) I got busy at home scrubbing the stove before canning the turkey broth (four quarts).  At the sewing table I'm sewing strip ends together for the Kronberg top.


Wednesday at moot the A&S didne't happen so we farbled instead.  I discussed the idea of a shared community garden with Haldora but apparently Gyda beat me to it.  I wanted a place for potatoes and since we arent traveling in spring-summer this year maybe I should go ahead and do it by myself anyway.  We went to Zoup! for supper but they'd changed their hours so we ended up at Pepper Jax instead.  I went up the line to Noodles for take out before joining the rest at table.    Thursday I went ahead and rejoined Ancestry.com for six months on the premise I'd have gift money this month for it.  That way it will be over before summer business overtakes me.  At the sewing table the tumblers have been sized and set aside again; now a red strippie top has been started for Kronberg.

Nov. 30th, 2016

Tuesday afternoon Leofowyna 'kidnapped' me to go look at some furniture for the spare room with an eye for storage.  At FoodNet I got a hand of really nice banans, a cauliflower, a sweet potato, some scallions, a bag of croissants, a loaf of bread, and an angelfood cake.  Doing more strip sorting at the sewing table forming up kits.  


Nov. 29th, 2016

Monday even though it was a relatively mild day and pretty with sunshine I didn't get back out to finish the compost.  Naturally Leofwyna commented on wasting a pretty day.  Instead I cleared up the kitchen to be ready to cook our turkey.  We had a sweet potato, gravy and leftover dressing with it.  I'll need to make a new batch of dressing for the leftovers.  I got the bones from two turkeys boiled up for soup.  At the sewing table pulled for Christmas project, Natelstern workshop and red Kronberg project while putting away new strips.


Nov. 28th, 2016

Sunday when I woke Leofwyna was gone.  Didn't know she had plans so was wondering all day.  Made a big batch of apple crisp, some for Arne and some for the gaming group.  Even remembered to do a little dish separate for Leofwyna.  At gaming started the new adventure with Arne as DM.  


Saturday I got out to move some more compost awhile.  With that and Leofwyna vaccuming leaves we filled the big east bin.  I started moving roughage into the first small east bin so eventually the two small west bins (from which I'm harvesting good dirt) can be taken up and the ground there leveled before we start those from scratch next year.  At the sewing table I started stripping the new cottons I bought this last year.  


Friday I went to three of the Goodwills for 99-cent sale.  I found a little something at each place, including a 'sparkly fruit wreath for Leofwyna's della robia tree, a journal I'll use for a canning recipe book, two cotton cutters, four tops and a pair of capris.  Back at home I finally baked the banana bread and washed a load of cotton accumulated from several trips this year.  


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