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Oct. 26th, 2016

Tuesday after lunch and computer time at the library I returned home awhile to spend time with Leofwyna and at the sewing table pressing and trimming.  When I went out to FoodNet there was no one there.  Apparently when I missed last week I missed an announcement.  When Leofwyna returned home from her Menard's run she brought also from the grocery cold boiled shrimps for our supper.  That's a favorite we don't indulge in very often.

Oct. 25th, 2016

Monday work continues on the tiles downstairs.  After time on the computer at the library and lunch I returned to empty the van and show Leofwyna the new ensemble.  We celebrated by going out for ice cream at 31 Flavors where we learned that location is probably going to close due to lack of profit there.  Pooh!  At the sewing table I'm pressing and trimming crazy bits.

Oct. 24th, 2016

Sunday I was sore from all those cartridge pleats and maneuvering that big chunk of velvet.  I would have been glad to skip the baronial archery but knowing Isabeau and Carlos were probably tired too but they couldn't skip it (he's the previous champion) got me up and going albeit not until mid afternoon.  It was a pretty day for it though and it was fun to report to Their Excellencies on the Golden Needle results whereupon the newest member (why can't I remember her name?) wanted details.  I think she'll probably contrive to be on a team next year she's so interested.  Court and potluck occurred and I slipped away before load-up as I had gaming at Theron's where we got the wagon repaired and smashed Ghouls into oblivian.  We think the caravan and it's master have abandoned us and it's several days farther to our destination than he'd indicated.  Gnancy has discovered her 'sneak attack' ability and put it to use to good use.  I need to be more thorough in my notations.  At the sewing table tonight I continue pressing duos and pairing them up as I go for the next run of stitching.


Oct. 24th, 2016

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was at the library on the computer but apparently didn't think to post here.  They were normal days of activity until Thursday when I ceased procratinating and started gathering up materials for the competition, packing up the van and readying the camper.  Friday the first of the tile was laid in the laundry room and at one Cat and I got on the road and arrived early on site to place the camper near an outlet and unload our sewing gear.  Shandra had three teams signed up and we talked Killian into being a fourth as a solo.  I had the only full team with Cat, Kate, Isabeau and Carlos.  Others were Ann and her son (her second event, his first) doing early 13th century, Maisie doing late period Scots and Killian (who came down sick and left Saturday morning).  So Friday at 7pm the competition began.  I started Cat with the giornea, Kate divided the linen for the cammisa which Carlos serged all the raw edges, and Isabeau began drafting the bodice of the gammura.  Subsequently I set Kate to drafting the sleaves and Carlos made the pocket.  Once Isabeau had assembled a mock-up of the bodice (to be finished later myself and which I can use for a 'day-dress') she commenced on the painted velvet bodice of the actual gammura.  Between sessions of being measured and fitted I cut and applied a 2" strip of __ to the edge of the painted velvet yardage for the cartridge pleat header.  By midnight we had made excellent progress and I suggested we get a full night's rest.  I stayed a little longer and made my black linen and gold mesh cap and a red brocade 'cockade' which I decided not to use.  I headed to bed at 1am.  Saturday morning by 9 we were breakfasted and back at work.  Kate finished the machine work on the sleaves and commenced on the cammisa construction.  When Isabeau was finished with the bodice just before noon I started applying the skirt.  Cat had finished the machine work and pressing the giornea and she and Isabeau hand stitched the narrow area on the sides closed and hemmed it.  At four-thirty I machined hemmed the selvedge up on the skirt and Kate machine hemmed the cammisa.  The armpit gussets are still to do on the cammisa and the gammura needs eyelets for the lacing.  At five the pocket, cap, sleaves and giornea were done, the rest were at least 'demonstratable'.  We got me into the lovely ensemble (the sleaves are a bit snug) and faced the judging.  All went very well.  I didn't stammer.  A little light joking was involved.  "I've never had minions in my life.  I LIKE it!!"  And when all was said and done, I'd WON!  I think I was channeling Sash 'cause the delegating went smoothly and we all got along well.  The team is discussing doing it again next year with Elizabethan for Kate.  Isabeau wants to do German when its her turn and I think we can keep it up long enough for everyone to get clothed.

Oct. 18th, 2016

Monday the second coat of paint has been applied to the laundry room... putting an end to procrastination on that front at last.  Lunch and time on the computer at the library followed.  Leftover carnitas for supper and at the sewing table still putting pairs together from the sniglet bag.
Sunday I scoured the joints in the laundry room, swept and tacky wiped the joints and painted the first coat.  Thoroughly worn out, still I showered and headed out for a stop at the library for one computer session, a quick supper and on to gaming where I succeeded in advancing to third level and gained another spell.  We have vacated the cave scenario with the kobalds, lizards and roper behind us. 
Saturday after lunch and computer time I returned home with more joint compound and finished the walls in the laundry room.  At midnight the last bits were not dry enough to scour so that waits until the morning.  For supper the carnitas were somewhat successful... some tweeking may be involved another time.  At the sewing table the second junque quilt was set aside until I have created more junque to add to it.  Grabbed up the sniglets bag and started pairing them up.
Friday after lunch and some computer time at the library I returned home to put the pork carnitas in the oven and start mudding the wallboard joints in the laundry room.  The stuff they sold Leofwyna the other day was the worst... very glue-y plastic stuff, not the joint compound I was expecting.  I made a run to Menards to get some joint compound, no problem with this going on the walls but the little container I bought only did half the job so another will be gotten for the rest.  Today Leofwyna has been on the sick-list... this time a fairly simple stomach upset merited quiet time and naps.  At the sewing table the first of two junque tops was finished and a second well underway.

Oct. 14th, 2016

Thursday after lunch and some computer time at the library I stopped in at the grocery and planned three meals for the weekend.  Back at home I emptied the water barrels for the winter, harvested the green tomatoes, pulled the vines and stacked the cages.  I put together pizza for supper.  At the sewing table I finished the tea party top and started a junk top for Kronberg which was nearly finished, too, when I 'hit the wall' and headed up to bed.  Leofwyna had tiles laid out all over the laundry room floor trying to decide on a layout and figure how many to buy as some of the stuff we'd picked up didn't work due to size, depth or grout style.  She's brought home one tub of mud and I'm just waiting for her to be out of the way to start the scratch coat.  I think more than one tub of that size may be required though.

Oct. 13th, 2016

Wednesday after lunch and computer time at the library I returned home to take Leofowyna's place overseeing the work in the laundry room so she could get ready and go to moot.  Terry continued working until completely done with that part of the project at 7:40 so I missed going to moot and was too late to catch up with the crew for supper.  I stopped in at Red Robin with my book and had one of my salads there.  Back at home I continued working on the Tea Party blocks at the sewing table.


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