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Sep. 24th, 2016

Friday after some computer time at the library I did some pick'n'put in livingroom and bedroom before going downstairs to concentrate on getting some laundry done.  Mostly it was a quiet sort of day although an attempt to carmelize some canned apples for desert was a smelly failure.

Sep. 23rd, 2016

Wednesday after getting in some computer time at the library and some time at the sewing table working on the sniglets blocks Leofwyna and I went to the weekly Magmor get together at the library where scroll painting occurred.  I worked on a swan and got it about half done.  Supper was at Old Chicago this week and the barony tables were finally returned to Owain's keeping.  On the way home, talking about this fall's activity load, we decided to postpone the rummage sale to spring.  Instead I'll get the garage sorted so we can get the trailer inside again this winter.

Thursday after another round of computer time at the library I stopped at another FoodNet near 27th and R where I found considerable disorganization.  I probably won't go back there but I did get four cans of diet Pepsi, a cucumber, a tomato and two bags of mixed potatoes (which turned out to have been frozen I discovered when I got them home and they had thawed and were mushy).  I had thought I'd check out a second place later in the afternoon but decided to wait until a later date for that one.  Instead I stopped in at the southern Goodwill where I found a couple cotton shirts with interesting prints and a couple pieces of quilting yardage at half price.  I got a roasted chicken for supper and whipped cream for the peaches and poundcake.
Tuesday I took two cycles on the computer at the library, trying to catch up.  I went to the FoodNet where I received four potatoes, three limes, elbow macaroni, spagetti, boxed mac and cheese, a cauliflower and a tomato, a poundcake and a loaf of sourdough bread.  I could have had more stuff but these were things I was sure I would use... and use up.  In the evening Leofwyna and I went to the movie, Sully.  That was a very good one and I think I want to see it agai sometime on the big screen.


Thursday morning I packed and loaded foodish things in the van.  We washed bed linens and towels.  We were ready to go by noon but lingered in case the travelers might pull in (turns out they didn't get in until 5pm).  We pulled out about one o'clock, stopped at Subway for our lunch and afternoon eats and got on the road home.  We drove through three storms as we went but were treated to a very long-lasting rainbow at the Wyoming-Nebraska border.  We  pulled in at home about 12:30 and were greated by both Cassie and Patsy who was coming over to see if she needed attention.  Belinda had already left for her Ansteora weekend.

Friday we unloaded the van, packed and loaded up the van, hooked up the camper and by 3pm was on the road to Des Moines for Queen's Prize Saturday.  We did pull into Des Moines in time to hit a couple Goodwills but neither of us found anything tempting.  Supper was at Red Lobster and set up at Walmarts fairly close to site.  There was lots to see and Leofwyna didn't miss a thing.  I was a little weary to I sat and stitched most of the afternoon.  Court was long as there were to Laurel elevations in addition to all the usual business.  I was disappointed that Gerald was not part of that business so it's likely to happen somewhere, sometime that I am not there.  We drove home Saturday night, pulling in about 11pm and we're totally ready to stay close to home the rest of the year.

Sunday I mowed the verges and part of the back but when I stopped to move the hose I couldn't get the hot mower started up.  I left the front for Leofwyna and the back for the next day as I needed to shower and be gone to have some supper before gaming.  Theron had a 'side' adventure set up for us in honor of Pirates' day Monday.

Monday after some computer time I finished mowing the back and dug potatoes, including one of the squares where there had been a volunteer potato (3 spuds).  I found several grubs and lots of slugs in the very wet earth.  Happily they don't seem to have hurt the potatoes though I'd hope for more than 3/4 of a 5 gallon bucketful.

At the sewing table I'm still working on sniglets but starting to cut 6.5 squares and adding red print sashing.

Sep. 14th, 2016

Wednesday after lunch we decided we were in good shape getting ready to go so we went up to Fort Collins for a little while.  I thought we were just going to go to Goodwill and a fabric store we discovered last time.  How wrong I was, Leofwyna found three ARCs to stop at.  We both had some good luck though and only my feet are complaining.  Back at the house after supper we ran dishwasher, laundry (towels) and loaded up everything but the kitchen tote and cooler.  I've packed my bags and brought them upstairs then took a little time to mark the next line on the quilt.  Only one more line after this one!  The question for tomorrow is will there be room for a flat of peaches?

Sep. 14th, 2016

Tuesday we stayed at the house and did what we could to be ready for the big cleaning and loading push Wednesday.  Aside from that we relaxed some and after supper (Thai soup) I finished the next line of quilting.  There's only two lines left and the binding so concentrating on this here in Colorado has done a lot of good.  No puzzles though and Leofwyna commented on that yesterday.  Next time.
Monday we went back to Rocky Mountain National Park to see if we could catch sight of some of the color change and the elk.  We were in luck.  The color change is just beginning but there were some good patches of yellow and gold showing on various mountainsides.  We saw several harems of lady elk with some rather impressive males.  We also saw a young single spike elk who looked like he belonged on an African plain with some impala or something.  We also saw a couple large clutches of magpies and were close enough to see the rich blue and green sheen on their feathers.  The weather is supposed to change on us this week and we encountered some of the beginning of that driving through a bit of rain during the drive out to Bear Lake.  It cleared off in time for us to take the walk up to the lake although I declined taking the walk around it.

Sep. 12th, 2016

Sunday Leofwyna went out to get the cellphone replaced and pick up some groceries.  I sorted my purchases, cleaned up the kitchen and fixed the folding door in the hallway.  We fixed mac and cheese and apple crisp (again) for supper and I quilted some more while we found more 9-11 programs to watch.
Saturday we made a point of getting up to hit the Goodwills in the suburbs north of Denver.  We both had good luck.  I brought back a couple tops, shortie pjs, a couple pj bottoms, a cotton sheet set for Gold Key undertunics, quilt fabric yardage for borders, some nice cotton cutters and I don't remember what all else.  So back at the house we had leftovers for supper and 9/11 tv shows while quilting.
Friday we had decided we weren't up to doing the Scots-Irish Festival in Estes.  So instead Leofwyna took a quiet day.  I made the run to the Loveland Goodwill hoping the pint canning jars were still there.  I found eleven wide-mouth pints and a half-pint.  So back at the house I spent the afternoon picking apples and canning eleven pints plus one quart of sliced apples.  I'm thinking they're pretty thoroughly cooked but I'll try them as crisp, in muffins and in cakes and see if it's worth the effort to repeat another year.  That wore me out so we went to the Chinese restaurant we found the other night for supper again.  Back at the house I quilted while we watched "Oh God!"; hadn't seen that one in years.


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